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Ending - well worth it.

Awesome animation, awesome voice acting, awesome awesome awesome.

I used to write more descriptive responses... but then i took an arrow to th-

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epic. awesome ending.

Incredible action scenes and amazing quality. Snowball shall live on! yay :D


I saw all the FLCL references.. very well done :3
the animation is crisp, solid, great... not much more i can say, it was awesome xD

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A perfect, new shooter.

Perfect, perfect, perfect. Difficulty is nauseating for anyone willing to try to perfect EVERY stage. I can perfect most, but not all.

The music is great, a varying selection... and perfect for the game. Never have i seen a Shmup like this.... influenced by musical beats. It's like oneone took Rez and Space Invaders IG and mashed em. Maybe it's not THAT extreme, but yea, it's amazingly fun.

The only ONE nagative remark i can possibly make about the game... is the final boss. I don't want to spoil it for others, but the battle was quite well set up and it WAS fun. If you read beyond this point, SPOILER ALERT.

I was expecting an epic final boss beat, that wasn't just a mashup of all previous bosses made into one... I was expecting a new, epically hard boss with a lot of health. The upgrades for the battle are epic, quite insane... again, a perfect buildup. But I was REALLY expecting a nice, memorable battle. That said, the game was amazing.

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this game is AMAZING.

It's like a metroid + blaster master clone, with upgrades and lots of secrets! I LOVE IT!

The map system is great too, and ive been playing this all day, and will continue to.


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Great Game, TONS OF FUN.

I can tell RIGHT fron the get-go that this game was HEAVILY influenced by Space Invaders IG in the xbox live arcade and elsewhere. That being said, it contains many more classic bullet-hell dynamics, and it AMAZING to play. Loads of fun! :D

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Squize responds:

Yeah, also the Galaga reboot on XBLA, with hints of Outrun and even R-Type.

Glad you liked it mate, and glad you didn't see the lack of originality as like eating glass, which some people do.

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Well made and very nicely produced.

For the electronic/dance scene this fits quite perfectly. Mastering-wise, some of the instruments feel like they could be flashed out and mixed a little better, but atthat point it's just personal gripes.

Keep it up, meng.

This is probably my favorite recent song from you. Amazing job on the vocals, I must say.

I'm giving you 4 stars simply because your drops are too weak. Everything else, is generally well composed. Here's to hoping you continue to improve!

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I really like the direction this one is taking. However, the beat is far too simple for the melody that it plays. Personally, if I may add my two cents, I always feel as if you're getting lazy with your beats. They're generally moderately weak. Also, this WIP is lacking a good bassline, if it even has one. If that mid-range rythm is your bassline, it's not cutting it.

I also feel like I've heard this song before.

Keep it up, mate.

-Video game remixes -Original beats -Electronica, Rock, Industrial, Dubstep, and Techno influences. Plus more! -Fun side projects that help my boredom. :) -Open to any and all song and beat suggestions!!!


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